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+1 Dan NoNeed · December 30, 2014
Hi Bucky,
why using the "center" and the "background color" in CSS when you can do it in the HTML, for example <center>TEXT</center>???

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0 Tanvir Kabir · January 5, 2015
can i ask something how can i position my aside's background colour to 20px left?
0 Mitch Mullvain · January 5, 2015
In response to Tanvir Kabir, you would have to take your aside's padding and adjust it left 20px. Also, I'm not sure if you know, but it is important to ask a new question in the forum for a subject that's different than the question.
0 Stefan Gost · December 30, 2014
i can answer this question.
html5 wont handle the presentation anymore.
those tags are deprecated and in some time they wont work.
0 Dan NoNeed · December 31, 2014
I see, thanks.
0 Tanvir Kabir · January 18, 2015
I got my answer, you got to loat it to the left
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