I cant use clear screen function in my program when using code blocks

+2 Sudershan Ravi · December 29, 2014
i am beginner in c++ programming and when i was just practicing i used the function(i think its a function) clrscr(); and it showed error as "its not declared in scope". What should I do to avoid this error and clear my screen.
Thank you

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0 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · December 29, 2014
if you are using windows the command is system("cls");
i did this example on linux since that is what i use.

#include<cstdlib>  //include this header in order to be able to use the system() fucntion
using namespace std;

int main()

    int a;
    cout<<"enter a "<<endl;
    system("clear");  // use "cls" in the parenthesis for windows.

    return 0;

0 Brian Mwangi · January 2, 2015
Use the header :

#include <stdlib.h>

Then where you wanna clear the screen, use

system( "cls" );

Tell me if it works!
0 Laura Lee · January 3, 2015
As stated by Krootashus, C++ does not have any formal portable method of clearing the screen.
It's OS dependant. On Windows, you'd have to use the WIn32 API to do it, or simply make a system call. I'd avoid system calls because of the heavy resource usage underneath. If you are wanting to use the API,
look into these two functions.


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