Android Studio or Eclipse

+4 Ilijas Sahinovic · December 29, 2014
i have some experience in eclipse, made a few good apps in it.
but now i see there is a new tool and new tutorials as well.
what's the difference between these two and should i switch to android studio, is it worth it?

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0 Adrian Boisclair · December 31, 2014
I start Android class this coming semester :D
+1 Amish Garg · December 30, 2014
Android Studio is the easier version of eclipse. Apart from this android studio is the official IDE for android development. If u have been using eclipse then u need not put any efforts with android studio as everything is almost same....
+1 Vipul Patel · December 30, 2014
Yes man.. Swiych to Android Studio now..
0 Ilijas Sahinovic · December 29, 2014
alright, thanks
+2 Ian Xu · December 29, 2014
Yes, you should switch to Android Studio because it's the new official IDE and will get updates. I believe they won't be updating eclipse anymore, or won't get updates as frequently.
+2 ahmedtarek mahmoud · December 29, 2014
Android studio is way more awesome :)
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