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+2 Nishant Tadvi · December 29, 2014
Plz give me some new challenge. I have completed whole tutorials. So i want some challenge. If you have then give me i would like to make a new program. thx!!!! 

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0 Nishant Tadvi · January 1, 2015
thx for giving challenge I will soon try it and give result.
0 c student · December 29, 2014
i have a challenge for you.  this task is called a frequency analysis and what i challenge you to do is to create a program which counts all of the letters in a given text file, that is, both upper and lower cases are counted separately.   i will show you what i mean.

this is a sample of my text file:

and here is my result (note: you will need to pass in a text file as i have shown: [your program] < [your text file]):

good luck
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