adding html file into another html file

+2 danial saufi · December 29, 2014
does anyone know a way to add a html file like say i did a html for just this topic.. so i just add the file into the index file. and i styled it inside the html file instead of doing it in a external css file. i tried doing it with javascript but it didnt work.. so if u know can someone write the code or do a video or something or explain. 

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+2 Stefan Gost · December 29, 2014
i hope i understood you right but there is a very easy way just use the html tag iframe
+1 danial saufi · December 29, 2014
+stefan gost so how do i use it? thats new for me in html.. do u have any example or a video that can explain how to use it? ty for replying btw.. i really appreciate it
+3 Stefan Gost · December 29, 2014
just read this it should answer your question
+1 danial saufi · December 29, 2014
ty :)
+1 danial saufi · December 29, 2014
+Stefan Gost umm but what if that guys was on the phone.. then there will be scrollbar at the header which will look wierd
+1 Stefan Gost · December 29, 2014
you can fix it with 

<iframe src="" scrolling="no"></iframe>

unfortunately the scrolling property is not html5 coform but it will still work.
i dont know how to make it html5 conform maybe someone else can tell us that
+1 danial saufi · December 30, 2014
so if it doesnt support html5.. then what will happen?
+1 Stefan Gost · December 30, 2014
it is the other way. html5 droped the support for the property scrolling. 
Nothing will happen every browser will support this property for the next years.
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