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+1 Steven the awesome · December 28, 2014
Hello guys.

I want to make a flat design website, like this one here http://vitor.cc/ 
But everytime I try to make one I fail. Anyone knows some good tutorials on it. Or should I use a framework?

Thanks in advance.

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0 Predrag Kostic · December 28, 2014
I don't think you need a tutorial or a framework for a simple website. Flat is a design choice, if you can make websites you can make a good flat design website, you just have to plan it out well and make it .. as flat as possible?
The site you gave as an example is not perfect but it achieves the goal very well.

How exactly do you fail?
0 Mohsin Habib · December 28, 2014
use bootstrap for your project. 
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