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+1 Jason Marak · December 28, 2014
hi guys! i'm new to this forum and new to the android development( actually i'm new to the whole programming thing) and i have few questions in my mind:
1) How can you design (make) images like those in the game? which program do you use?
2) what is the best way to study Java (how to coding Java)?
3) can windows 8 use android studio?
4) is that Bucky or Travis in the picture? (just wondering :v )
ps: sorry for the bad english guys.

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0 Jason Marak · December 29, 2014
thanks man! you help me alot! :D
0 Mus Dev · December 29, 2014
1) You could use Photoshop get the 30day free trial. If that runs out you could try GIMP which is another software for photo editing and its free.

2) The best way to learn Java or any programming language in my opinion is by practicing. Personally, what I did was watch Bucky's tutorials and made a program from it. For example, I would watch 1-5 videos and make a program that implements all the things I've learned. and I kept doing it till I finished the series and mastered Java. You could also take classes at your school.

3) Yes Android studios works with windows 8.

4) If you're talking about the guy with the hat on thats Bucky. 
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