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+2 Mus Dev · December 28, 2014
I've always been interested in gaming development but don't know where to begin. I'm interested in making a game with java and was wondering if I should:

Make it with java from scratch or use a game engine or a library such as Slick2D or LWJGL.

I'm a complete beginner to game development but not java. I know the basics of java and Object Oriented Programming.

Basically my question is where do I begin? Which is the easiest route for me to go to develop a game?

Or should I just make a game with another game engine such as Unity/ UDK etc. I'm open to other options and willing to learn new programming languages to create a game

Thank you very much :)

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0 mohammed alnakhai · December 28, 2014
im also wandering just like, but my questing is if i create a game with the free version of unity will they cut a percentage from my sales??
0 Mus Dev · December 29, 2014
I don't think you'll be able to publish it with the free version. I think you'll have to pay for it. But im not too sure
+1 Kuroodo Ditory · December 30, 2014
I suggest using libGDX to make 2D games with Java. I use it and it's very easy and fun!

There are plenty of tutorials to help get you started

But if you want to also make 3D games, then I suggest getting Unreal Engine 4. It costs $19 a month (you can still just pay once and still be able to make and release games) and you only have to pay 5% in royalties after I think $30,000 in revenue (look at the UE4 FAQ for more details).

UE4 is EXTREMELY easy to use and you can always find help within the client, engine, or online. It also had 2D game support.
It even has it's own "visual-code/scripting" language called Blueprint. It's basically drag and drop coding. You can use .C++ and Blueprint all-together.

There is another thread in these forums talking about UE4 tutorials. I have posted some tutorials there if you want to look into it.

So to sum it up:

I recommend libGDX for Java, and UE4 for C++ and or UE4Blueprint
0 Mus Dev · December 31, 2014
Thanks a lot Kuroodo, extremely helpful response and just what I was looking for :)
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