0 greg shubert · December 28, 2014
I have went through at least half of your tutorials. You have the best on the net. You have it going on. The only thing is they are hard to see, well some are. Like the C ones. I have a 19" monitor. Have it on full screen 1080p and I can still barely see the code. 

I am not sure why you use windoze first of all and why , also, you don't use something like Simple Screen Recorder or at least a better Screen Recorder. As smart as you are and as meticulous as you seem to be I can't believe you put these out like this.

Dump Windows and use some GOOD open source  programs...

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0 Nishant Tadvi · December 28, 2014
Its crystal clear in my pc. you might seeing the old tutorials...   OR try to see it in 1920 : 1080 resolution.Its so clear with 1080p.
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