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+1 Nathan Pedersen · December 27, 2014
Been reading a text book on Java and have gotten to some exercises. I'm a complete beginner and was wanting some advice. I would rather an answer that points me in the right direction rather than giving me the straight up answer.

I need to write a program that takes a four-digit integer from the user and then prints it out on the screen one digit per line
for example: Input = 1993
The program should display it  as follows:

I believe I need to use arrays but am not quite sure. I'm using a Scanner for the user input but don't know how to assign each number to a separate variable, if that's even the way I should go about it. If anyone could help I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!

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0 Stefan Gost · December 27, 2014
Ok a small hint:
use the modulus operator aka remainder. 

read something about it on google. If you need more help just ask.
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