32 bit and 64 bit JAVA

+2 Neil Cannon · December 26, 2014
A 32 bit operating system needs 32 bit java.

Does a 64 bit operating system need both 32 bit and 64 bit installed of Java

or just a 64 bit java to run Android Studio etc.

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+1 KEVIN K P · December 27, 2014
for a 64 bit OS u just have to install 64 bit java jdk to run android studio
+1 Tony Kerr · December 27, 2014
As a general rule with software you only have to install the type which your OS is, normally there is no need to have both installed and it can sometimes be bad to have both.
0 Neil Cannon · December 27, 2014

Threre is some conflicting suggestions on the net about installing both 32 and 64 Java. Thanks for both replies.

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