Hi Guys,

I am really enjoying your series on Youtube. I am an absolute Novice with a fascination for Java programming, and your tutorials are brilliant - step by step, even I can follow, thank you.

I'm just having an issue at lesson 23. In that lesson you add a toggle button and manipulate it. However when I add a toggle button, Eclipse can't render it in the Graphical Layout. It gives a bunch of error messages including:

     activity_starting_point.xml: Path.isConvex is not supported.


     activity_starting_point.xml: Different corner sizes are not supported in Path.addRoundRect.

I figured it must be something to do with the libraries of the later Android platforms, so I tried to start the project again and just work with Froyo, exactly as you did in tutorials. But the latest version of Eclipse doesn't have an activity template that works with Froyo. I have to set it to compile with Ice Cream Sandwich or better. When I do I get the same error messages every time I add a toggle button.

I also tried installing all the associated resources in the SDK for the latest version, without success.

Do you know what I should do?

Thanks in advance.