Processor for emulator

+3 Soham Talele · December 26, 2014
I don't have an intel processor so, I can't install and run the Intel HAXM from the Android SDK. I have an AMD processor. Is there an AMD processor add-on for the emulator that I can get?

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+2 Neil Cannon · December 26, 2014
You could use Linux or there are other emulators that work with Android Studio, eg genymotion.
+1 Soham Talele · December 27, 2014
I was running Linux before I came to windows and the sole reason for the switch was because Android Studio lagged a lot on Linux and, Intel HAXM said it didn't work on Linux (couldn't download it through SDK Manager because of that) 

I did check out genymotion but is the free version good enough to test apps?
+1 Neil Cannon · December 27, 2014
Give it a go!
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