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+1 Trilok sharma · December 25, 2014
How can I get some problems to solve for exercising?

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0 Vaggelis Theodoridis · December 25, 2014
Mathematic mostly "puzzles" to solve, lots of them! https://projecteuler.net/
Riddles dedicated to python: http://www.pythonchallenge.com/
Or you may start a little project, a calculator program maybe?
Just some ideas..
0 Trilok sharma · January 11, 2015
Thank you Vaggelis for reply. How can I get basic algorithm problems as i have started programming by python only. I don't hav much knowledge in programming but I have interest and I have read the HTML/CSS.
0 Vaggelis Theodoridis · January 11, 2015
If you don't feel comfortable when trying to solve problems, maybe you have to give more time learning python.
Do you feel comfortable watching Bucky's videos? 
Try practising Bucky's videos, try to expand on his examples (in his videos). For example, if in one of his videos teaches you how to read a text file with Python, then if you learned it try to read more files by yourself or play with directories in python..

Algorithms is a topic that i never touched (at least yet) so i can't help on that. I try to solve problems in a way that i can make it work even if its slow, it helps my mind "work" and "think" a way to solve a problem.
Personally, I want to learn more things in programming and then start learning different algorithms
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