wats the best book fr learning java???

+2 Shashank Bairy R · December 25, 2014
Guys ,can u tell me good books fr learning java programming fr beginners and intermediate level???? 

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+1 Matt Graves · December 25, 2014
First of I love Java:) I like C++ and other languages but Java is awesome because it was my first language. The bbest book will be based on you. I own a ton of books and I agree head first java is good but it's a good support book IMO. That sucks because I also love the Head First series. Anyway enough of that. If you are new to programming and new to java I would recommend a book like the classic Object Oriented Programming with Java it's free under creative Commons try here: http://computing.southern.edu/halterman/OOPJ/

That will teach you the essentials of programming that you need as a foundation before learning anything else. The bonus is you learn Java in the process.

If you know how to code, a must have for me is Learning Java by Patrick Niemeyer. Java is huge and there is so much in the way of its libraries and functionality right out of the box. This book does a good job tackling a lot of it and you can use it piece by piece if you need to. I learned Java in 2010 because I was obsessed with android. Now I almost love coding in Java as much as android. 

Lastly, When you need to learn how to do something practical, Bucky's videos are invaluable. Forgot how a control or data structure works? Learn by way of the Tuna...
0 Neil Cannon · December 28, 2014

Beginning Programming with Java for Dummies.
0 c student · December 25, 2014
try head first java
0 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · December 25, 2014
am using Java reference book and enjoying it
0 Shashank Bairy R · December 25, 2014
thanks guys :)
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