Running a Java Program.

+1 Laura yepitsme · December 25, 2014
I followed the steps on the video but my computer isn't showing the same as the tutorial. Could it be because I use windows 8?  

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0 Laura yepitsme · December 25, 2014
Here is an image of what I'm getting... In the tutorial he put "" as the name but I used "" but when I put it in, I get this message. Any ideas or am I just completing missing something? *I should of explained the issue that I was having in my original post. 

0 Developer John · December 25, 2014
Eh, I hate cmd lol, which is why I use an actual IDE for Java. I've already looked through the Oracle Common Problems And Their Solutions section, but still couldn't solve it.
0 c student · December 25, 2014
if you look and read properly, javac can't locate your file... the directory you are working in doesn't show the file either.  you need to navigate to where you saved your file...
0 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · December 25, 2014
navigate to the appropriate directory
+1 Stefan Gost · December 25, 2014
Hi there,

as you can see after you used the "dir" command the output shows you that there is no file named in this directory.
I guess you are in the wrong folder with the cmd prompt. (at the moment and always as you open it you are at the users folder)
To change the location you can use the "cd" command (Change Directory).

short explanation 

cd .. -> will go to the folder above
cd foo ->  will go to the folder foo in the current folder
cd foo/bar -> ends up in the folder bar wich is located in foo

sorry my english isn't that well but i hope i could help you.

Merry Christmas :)
+1 Laura yepitsme · December 25, 2014
Yeah I had it in on my desktop in a test folder I've been using to store all my notepad++ and my practice stuff. I renamed the file from to before I thought of just moving the file, but I did move it and it worked after I redid the steps lol. Thanks for the help, much appreciated! :silly:
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