AVD wont start

+1 Igor Mitrovic · December 23, 2014
Hi bucky i know you said that first time I start my emulator it takes a while, but i left it through whole night and when i woke up it was still booting i mean it was still showing android letters on screen and doing nothing....did i miss something or what? :/

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0 Sheetal D · December 24, 2014
I installed the geny motion plugin and it works perfectly.

Just follow this;http://tleyden.github.io/blog/2013/11/22/android-studio-plus-genymotion-emulator/
0 alex constantin · December 24, 2014
Does it say something like HAX NOT WORKING or something about RAM?
0 Sheetal D · December 23, 2014
Same here.. Plz help
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