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+2 Edwin Francis D · December 23, 2014

This is the first time i am doing my android project...

If i run the program according to the latest android studio's first tutorial video...

Everything is done well... But the Phone (emulator) on starting is stand still and is not showing any improvement at all...

It is just black as in the pic...


Please suggested me how to solve this issue...

Thanks in advance :-)

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+1 Edwin Francis D · December 23, 2014
Its me again...

And also if i launch the emulator from AVD manager, the phone is not opened. But only when i run the app, then only the phone is opened. And that too is just blank black for very very long time......

What to do...........
+1 Sheetal D · December 24, 2014
I installed the geny motion plugin and it works perfectly.

Just follow this;
+1 Amin Hasan · December 24, 2014
I agree, Genymotion is more better.
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