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+2 Sirius Black · December 23, 2014

 I am doing a little research on gaming generations.

Please name all the games that you thought was revolutionary and worth defining a whole generation....from Mario to Assassins Creed matter what type of game...just as long as you think its worth defining a whole generation.

Thanks in advance. 


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-1 R.K Cheun · December 24, 2014
Pokemon can basically define this whole generation. 
+2 HyJax LTD · December 25, 2014
Wolfenstien 3D - It defined modern gaming.

Until this is was all text based, platform, or screen oreientaion(s).
-1 Sirius Black · December 25, 2014
thanks for your reply.

i think it varies from place to place....for example,in my country, "commandos: call of duty" was a massive hit in late 90's and early 2000's...but i am looking for those games that are more generic...for example : Angry Birds...
+1 Sirius Black · December 25, 2014
Thanks for your reply HyJax....listing it right now.. :angel::)
+3 Çağlan Turgut · December 25, 2014
Yes, yes, yes.. Pokemon and Wolfstein 3D! They are still golden for me. I love them.Skyrim was the game to bring this new understanding of fantasy games into my country. I also think that Nethack was also an original game and still is an inspring one. What about tetris? Does that count? I loved that game when I was a little kid.Brick Breaker and Mario are the popular games from times of ATARI. Counter Strike was very very popular when computers started to be popular here in Turkey. 
+2 Sirius Black · December 25, 2014
Thanks for awesome your reply Turgut...8-)

tetris definitely counts...its a classic i said "from Mario to Assassins Creed Unity"...i agree with you on every game you named...Skyrim definitely brought a new dimension to fantasy world like Wolfstein, Call of duty was a revolution in graphics just like newer games such as AC: Black Flag, Farcry4 etc.

Counter strike was among those games which really got the urge to play multiplayer and online gaming,at least in my country.

i have listed all the names you said....really thanks for your reply again...hats off! :)
Let me know if you think of other names...i am not confined with PC games only...if you have android/ iOS games in mind...then let me know..
0 Sirius Black · December 25, 2014
As a FIFA fan, i must say FIFA13 was a revolutionary in a sense that the gameplay was far more realistic and better than the previous versions...i was astonished at the level of reality they brought into the gameplay....EA Sports definitely own the virtual world of soccer games....:)

The Walking Dead by telltale games was something really new to the gaming generations..,,as a story based game this was more than awesome progression with gamers was just marvelous....maybe my most favorite game of all in such category.,,,i hope they upgrade the game much more in upcoming seasons.

another story based game which was and still is my favorite : MAFIA 1 & 2!!
MAFIA 3 is coming in 2015 as rumored...hope it comes true.:angel: 
0 HyJax LTD · December 26, 2014
After the PS3 lifecycle ends, Ill probably script some CFW of my own so I can add some hacks back to w3d.  We had wall haks that made all the Nazi artwork turn to nudie pics.

Ahhh... I miss the ISMO shop.
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