GridLayout Homework / Challenge (Android Tutorial)

+7 Scott M · December 23, 2014
- Uses two grid layouts.

I learned A LOT while creating this.
This gave me an objective of something to create to test what I've learned, so thanks for the "homework" Bucky!

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0 Yessin Ajouaou · November 4, 2015
Well done!
0 Yadian Arias · December 23, 2014
That's pretty cool right there.
-1 Steven the awesome · December 23, 2014
Looks really good! great job
+4 Bucky Roberts · December 23, 2014
+2 Scott M · December 23, 2014
For the large profile picture, I used ImageView, for the rest I used ImageButton. Both have a "src" option that you just point to the image file using @drawable/imagename
+2 Miss Diana · December 23, 2014
Awesome, how you put picture? 
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