I need feedback :P

+4 Marcus Christensen · December 22, 2014
Hello There!

I recently published my landingpage for my upcoming personal website .. I would love to get some feedback, so what do you guys think? http://marcus-christensen.com/index.html

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+1 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · December 22, 2014
looks cool Marcus.great job man
+1 Marcus Christensen · December 22, 2014
Thank you Bernard :) 
+1 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · December 22, 2014
uwc man
+1 Izzat Nadiri · December 22, 2014
It looks good. One small fix I would add to the menu bar. When you hover over, for example, "About", you can see a white border (which looks awesome). The border kind of shifts the content a bit. You can use jquery to reduce padding of an anchor tag when you hover over it. This will make it less noticeable. Other than that it looks great. Well done! 
0 Marcus Christensen · December 22, 2014
O yea I just realised that when you hover over one of the bars lets say About.. the "Contact" thing moves
http://gyazo.com/5ff5c186f66b4f82e1f08dd40f852d5e - my web OCD can't take this xD

thanks for the great feedback Izzat means a lot!

Best Regards
0 Cardinal Coog · December 29, 2014
Perhaps, I'm late and you've made changes. But, the white text on that background is very hard to read.
0 Marcus Christensen · December 29, 2014
I actually haven't @Cardinal haha.. I will fix that shortly, but currently I am working on a big developer social media with another programmer/coder so all my time goes into that

Thank you!
0 Cardinal Coog · December 30, 2014
The other thing I might suggest (and I'm not really sure how to do it....)  would be to incorporate some type of flash so that you can have the letters in your name flow with the waves. So it rolls onto the screen like a tide and then you hit the user with your name/brand.
+1 Neil Cannon · December 30, 2014
I like it mate, but find the white fonts difficult to read. If it works for you, go with it!
+1 Marcus Christensen · January 1, 2015
Well yea.. going to work a lot more on it soon but atm all my time is going towards making a social media for programmers and that takes a long time xD - but thanks for the response 
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