Buckys GridLayout Challenge

+4 Steven the awesome · December 22, 2014

Here you are Bucky. :)

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0 Juan Sidberry · December 23, 2014
What is the challenge?
0 nick apostolou · December 23, 2014
nice one!
0 Steven the awesome · December 23, 2014
Sorry @Juan Sidberry not Challenge 'homework'. 

And thanks @nick apostolou!
0 Keven-Matthew Larrivee-Fontaine · December 23, 2014
Nice! Below is mine. It's actually probably not the best layout to use since its only 1 column, but oh well... The radiobutton and "Register" button are actually not in the gridLayout as I was not able to get the spacing I wanted between the other widgets. Maybe someone can help me with that!


**EDIT: just saw I made a typo in the radio buttons text hahaha!
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