unable to setup android studio

+3 sateesh reddy · December 22, 2014

after starting the studio it downloaded sdk packages and finnaly its showing this error....
The following SDK component was not installed: tools
anybody tell me how to solve this plz?

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0 sateesh reddy · December 29, 2014
thanks guys, i got solved the issue.
0 baskar k · December 22, 2014
go to SDK manager and install the Android sdk tools rev 24.0.2 

0 sateesh reddy · December 25, 2014
sdk tools is disabled. can't start sdk
0 ahmedtarek mahmoud · December 29, 2014
Run it as administrator man by pressing right click then run as administrator it will open the sdk 
-1 Neil Cannon · December 28, 2014
Uninstall all android studio and I mean everything.

Even the hidden paths in %appdata%

Once everything is gone, reinstall android studio and install without changing any of the default settings
it should work without any problem.
-3 baskar k · December 25, 2014
refer the link
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