What to look for in hosting companies

+2 Marcus Christensen · December 22, 2014
I have recently had a lot of people asking me what to look for in a hosting company, and it is really hard to say. It all comes down to whether you want a big website with a lot of users or you "just" want a website where people can read a bit about you and then contact you, using a form. If you want a big website with 100++ users I always recommend a VPS, a stable one (OVH is a great host) from your VPS you can make sure that all the traffic going into the VPS is only to your website and it is not shared with anyone else. buying a Shared Hosting pack at a hosting provider will give you a great host (if you get the correct host) and you will of course be able to run your website off there. If you 'just' want a website where people can read about you and/or you just need something quick as a landing page for your upcoming website (https://craftedin.org) a shared hosting would be good enough. It all just comes down to what you want to host...

With my 4 years of web developing I have had quite a few hosts and some of them were good and some really bad.

The Good Ones

  • Hosting24

  • OVH

  • one.com

  • one.dk 

The bad ones (but they could work for really small websites)

  • 000webhost

  • hostinger

The really bad one (that I would never recommend and I think is probably the worst company that I have ever had)


This is just a list made by me and from my opinion and from my point of view, the reason that I put SXIHOSTING in the bottom is because it is run by a teenager that doesn't really know how to run it. It doesn't have a visable business number on their website so I guess its unregistered. They don't really do anything about the errors people come up with.. Of course if you want to use SXI go ahead, this is just from my point of view!

Best Regards
Marcus Christensen, Web developer

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+1 Steven the awesome · December 22, 2014
thank you for the information.
+1 Marcus Christensen · December 22, 2014
No Problem at all Steven ... I find it very important to tell people what to go for and what not to go for, I myself in the start had a lot of problems with getting the wrong host. And If I can help anyone I am more than happy to do so.

Best Regards
Marcus Christensen
0 Donald Trump · December 23, 2014
How about GoDaddy? I heard that all my friends like it.
0 Jay Deshaun · December 23, 2014
I've had a website with Hosting24 and they are good.

And by the way, the company that owns Hosting24 also owns Hostinger and 000Webhost
0 Marcus Christensen · December 23, 2014
I know Jay Deshaun

It just seems like they are slacking on those.
0 Marcus Christensen · December 23, 2014
TYPEX Unknown  -  I don't really know about GoDaddy, I've hosted at them a couple of times but I havent been up in the skys happy or let down so I guess its decent ::)
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