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+3 Abhishek Raj · December 21, 2014
I've finished with creating a blogging application with PHP with users logging in and logging out stuff, but I don't know which software Should I use to make it look like a website....To be frank, I want to use adobe muse but it gives html pages and i cannot insert my php stuff in it.. and it does not remain Dynamic and interactive..

I dont know what to do.. I want it to appear cool and interactive. with all the PHP updating going on

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0 Abhishek Raj · January 11, 2015
I do need help Mr. Haroon Kiani ... I need guidance for putting my codes at work. I'm sorry for replying so late, i Had exams in college.

I have learnt Html but i want it to look like one of today's website and fast so I want software that can help me to design.
Still learning css3 and javascript. but embedding the codes still looks like a problem
+1 Haroon Kiani · December 24, 2014
Hi Abhishek Raj 

i can help you with that if you like . please reply if you need help .

+1 Ron Butcher · December 24, 2014
Software like Muse writes all the HTML code for you.  You should learn HTML and build the page yourself.  That way you can insert the PHP code directly into the HTML.  The page will be saved as .php so the server will know to both read the php and HTML.

Check out Bucky's HTML tutorials to learn HTML.  If you have a basic understanding of HTML and want to fast track it, you can download a free HTML template to wrap your PHP in, just Google 'free HTML5 templates.'
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