Unable to download Andriod studio

+1 Sheetal D · December 21, 2014
I have tried 4 times to download Android studio. After the download it says Failed-Network error. I have lost about 4gb of my data doing this. Plz help

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+1 Simon Kvannli · December 21, 2014
This might be worth a try: 

1. Disable your firewall
2. When you are downloading, a minute or two before it finishes, pause the download and resume after 1 minute.
3. Profit

If this doesnt work you might try using another browser like IE or Firefox
+1 baskar k · December 21, 2014
please use download manager. i used download manager  to overcome this error. 
+1 Vraj Patel · December 21, 2014
Try resetting your browser's cache or download it when there is less network congestion.
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