#include "stdafx.h" 
#include <iostream> 
using namespace std; 

int main(){ 

int alam[7]; 
int *ap0 = &alam[0]; 
int *ap1 = &alam[1]; 

cout <<"ap0 is at " << ap0 <<endl; 
cout <<"ap1 is at " << ap1 <<endl; 

Well each time i run the program it gives differnt values evey time 
let me write the output 
ap0 is at 002FFB5C 
ap1 is at 002FFB60 

Now the next time it gives 
ap0 is at 0028FA1C 
ap1 is at 0028FA20 
n next time 
ap0 is at 001BFA7C 
ap1 is at 001BFA80 

kindly tell me 2 things. 
1.How to read these ouputs? like 002FFB5C would be read as "at location FFB5C 002?right? 
2.Why the memory location changes each time?