Worst Hosting Company !

+3 Marcus Christensen · December 20, 2014
I have recently been having services at SXIHOSTING.CO.UK - they are probably the worst provider that I have ever had - their services were really bad - they were cheap but still they had probably 40% downtime even though they promised 99.99% uptime - I couldn't set up any MySQL because of the PDO, and when I contacted about the owner about the problem he said "I will fix it" and that happened 5 or 6 months ago.. I then contacted him again where his respond was "I can't be asked at this point of time"... I have never had such a bad hosting provider for 4 years as when I had SXIHOSTING. They promise a lot of good stuff but the truth is that the owner can't really be asked to do anything and he is most of all lazy.. I did a small job for it and I was promised a VPS ... after 1 month of nothing happening I contacted him about it and he said "I'll do it soon" and that is how he will react with EVERYTHING - please share this word the company is run by a 16 year old IT-Technician that doesn't have any experience at all and their new C.E.O is not the most mature person and will probably close your service if you confront them with a problem they. I recommend Hosting24 over everything they are cheap and reliable ... never have I ever had this bad an experience therefor I will now ask you to spread the word and make sure that people doesnt make the mistake of using their services. Their website is completely made with a template and they do not have ANY experience at all.

Best Regards
Marcus, Web Developer

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0 Miss Diana · December 22, 2014
cheap hosting price always comes with problems.. all hoster always said "99.99% uptime"
0 Marcus Christensen · December 22, 2014
Haha true *Miss Diana* ... but I've never had as many problems with any hosting provider as I've had with SXIHOSTING + plus I just saw that they used "Sleekhost Website Template" for their website ... and I have a point that templates are not as professional as "Real" websites and I want a fully professional host.

Best Regards Marcus
0 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · December 22, 2014
Ipage has not failed me so far.Hostgator too.
0 Marcus Christensen · December 22, 2014
O yea Hostgator is pretty good ^^ I gotta agree - Dunno why I forgot to put it on the list haha
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