Beginner | How do you learn java?

+1 Julius Awesome · December 20, 2014
Hey EVERYONE!, I want to ask how do you learn java?, because I watch the videos and copy them down I try to understand but I forget it after time because I don't use it. Can you give me an idea of maybe what to create? because I think that you need to actually use it to remember it right?


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+1 c student · December 20, 2014
find the head first java book, read it and do the exercises.  great book, good tone, humor, grabs your attention, teaches you the fundamentals you NEED to know!  highly recommend this book for all java programmers!
+1 Donald Trump · December 20, 2014
When I was learning programming languages, I always apply the same technique. That technique is this:

First learn the language as best as you can by choosing an option below:

  1. Find a good quality book that people suggest you.

  2. Learn it online on some websites.

  3. Learn it directly from thenewboston videos on youtube.

You can take all 3 options but I wouldn't recommend it because that would be a time-eating machine.

After you think that you are ready, know all the basics, your first step is to create a very simple calculator. You can, if you want, copy the same one of the Windows. If you succeed, that means you're ready to create something bigger. From there, you are on your own - unleash your imagination and create the most beautiful masterpiece that you can (doesn't have to be better than Google apps obivously), and with constant every-day practice, you will know those languages like it's your own mother language.
+1 Julius Awesome · December 20, 2014
Thanks for the tips guys! 
+1 Julius Awesome · December 20, 2014
TYPEX that is really useful what you said, thank you! Really wow :D
+2 Muamet Shasivari · December 22, 2014
Best way to learn programming is NOT TO LEARN but only follow what Bucky says and does on the tutorial :).
When finish at least you will know what is TUNA and Beacon and little steps of programming :)
+1 Vraj Patel · December 22, 2014
Books and BUCKY!!!
+1 Julius Awesome · December 23, 2014
:D Thanks !
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