Possible Android emulator fix (HAXM)

+9 Sašo Plut · December 19, 2014
I am noticing a lot of problems with people running the Android emulator. It says something like x86 emulation not supported, install HAXM etc.. the problem could be solved by creating a new device that uses the ARM emulation not x86.
I remember having similar problems even before i found Android studio and the "fix" (workaround) was using the device that used arm instead of x86.

So make another device using any of these  and send me feedback (it has to say ARMEABI-V7A) then use the new device for your emulation!/images/forum/upload/2014-12-19/5d57eda54d7c0e40c324c497fa2955b0.jpg

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0 Jaquen Burnley · March 15, 2015
A liitle help here!!!!!!!!

Okay so I created a new device like you said..

But when I tried to emulate it, I got this....


Any suggestions/Help?!
0 Rehman . · January 10, 2015
@Shaun Donnachie : When you crea the AVD choose ARM in cpu slot instead of x86 it will sort out your problem. hope it will help 
0 Shaun Donnachie · January 10, 2015
Every time i try to run avd it gives me this error

 Cannot launch AVD in emulator.
emulator: ERROR: x86 emulation currently requires hardware acceleration!
Please ensure Intel HAXM is properly installed and usable.
CPU acceleration status: HAX kernel module is not installed!

I have installed all the relevent sdk still dont run 
0 Aadesh Rana · January 10, 2015
The emulator ran but i got the following error messages
../../sdk/emulator/opengl//host/libs/Translator/GLES_V2//GLESv2Imp.cpp:glDetachShader:559 error 0x501
../../sdk/emulator/opengl//host/libs/Translator/GLES_V2//GLESv2Imp.cpp:glShaderSource:1760 error 0x501
../../sdk/emulator/opengl//host/libs/Translator/GLES_V2//GLESv2Imp.cpp:glCompileShader:355 error 0x501
../../sdk/emulator/opengl//host/libs/Translator/GLES_V2//GLESv2Imp.cpp:glGetShaderiv:1273 error 0x501
../../sdk/emulator/opengl//host/libs/Translator/GLES_V2//GLESv2Imp.cpp:glGetShaderInfoLog:1296 error 0x501
Error accepting connection, aborting

anyone know what the problem is?

0 Skhulile Mdaka · December 21, 2014
Sadly it does not work on my PC, when I try to create the virtual device, it just ends up showing "Repair device" while it never even showed any error. Please help guys
+1 Sotires Ell · December 21, 2014
worked, thanks a lot man :D:D:D
0 Rehman . · December 20, 2014
API 20 is for wearable , you may work with that but if you read the documentation of developers.android they say API's with revision level more than 2 works more stable in AVDs, thats why i said use API level19
0 Robert Summers · December 20, 2014
what about API 20
0 Rehman . · December 20, 2014
@Robet you have not installed all components of API thats why its causing that problem....open SDK and chosse API level 19 and install all those components as well, hope it will solve your problem
0 Simon Haines · December 20, 2014
OMGOMG IT WORKS!!!! The emulator is a little slow, but THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
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