Gradle project refresh failed - Protocol family unavailable

+2 Deepankar Singh · December 19, 2014
After i configured my SDK through SDK manager, i created a new Android Application : MyApplication and set MIN SDK to API 8 : Froyo [ following each and every step of Bucky's Video ]

But then as i create a new project: it shows this error when it opens : 


Whats up with this error: 

Gradle project refresh failed 
Error : Protocol family unavailable

Can you please help me with this error, and how to get it fixed? 
I followed this question:

But the solution DID NOT solved my problem!! 
Can any one help me out here?? 

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0 Deepankar Singh · December 25, 2014
I did mentioned it above! its the same answer, the link you provide.
Though its running now on my machine.

The problem was of a restart required, after deleting everything and then after restart , shut down any firewall working on your system, esp when its handled by an antivirus [ my case: norton internet security]  and then opening the same app and rebuilding it, then it shows no error! :) 

Anyways , thanks for the reply! :)  
0 ByungHwa Ra · December 24, 2014
Check this out dude. It might be helpful. ;)
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