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+3 Reza Ali Lakhani · December 19, 2014
/images/forum/upload/2014-12-19/41f471ad038c2646d66d152bff68ea8f.jpgi followed the video tutorial and followed everything in it and started installation of android studio. The installation got compete but when i first run the app as administrator it gives me the following error :

The following SDK component was not installed: build-tools-21.1.1

I did all with the default settings and i already had jdk 1.8_**. Please help me with this error.

Also another thing was that my SDK manager doesnt open manually. Like when i open the manager app it gives a cmd screen for a flash and everythings over then please help me with this too

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0 Neil Cannon · December 28, 2014
I would uninstall everything even hidden files to do with android studio.

Uninstall and install the java version before 1.8 try 1.7.

Reinstall android studio and java.

Set environmental variables to correct paths and everything should work first time.


user variable


C:\Program files etc  \bin

system variable


C:\Program Files etc
0 kamil shaikh · January 6, 2015
Hi friends , my problem is sams as above . and i have tried this solution too but its not working any other solution please asap
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