How to create localhost web page

+2 Abdulrahman Alwakil · December 19, 2014
Hi all,
I want to create web page to control my windows service by browser.
So user can write number on browser to see my custom page

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+1 Sašo Plut · December 19, 2014
I dont quite get it.. You want a localhost server.. entering or http://localhost to disply your website? dont know what you mean by controlling your windows service by browser.
If you just want to display websites google WAMP.
+1 Steven the awesome · December 19, 2014
If you want a localhost, Just install xampp or wamp. And put all of your files in the htdocs folder.
0 Abdulrahman Alwakil · December 19, 2014
Thanks for reply
But I need the user after install my app he can use my local website
+1 Steven the awesome · December 19, 2014
Well it is possible to use xampp as a webserver, but this is Just not save. They can easily hack into your'e computer. I would recomment you just to setup a webserver with the windows server. Or you can buy a domain name.
+1 Sašo Plut · December 19, 2014
If you want to share a website you have many free webhost services if the website is not something important..
0 lorenzo garcia · January 14, 2015
my ISP blocked the port forwarding services for dynamic External IP , they block all the ports so that i will not be able to open ports for hosting http. how can i open those port without the consent of  my ISP?  
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