Different States of an Android Activity

+136 Bucky Roberts · December 19, 2014

   protected void onStart() {
       Log.i(TAG, "onStart");

   protected void onResume() {
       Log.i(TAG, "onResume");

   protected void onPause() {
       Log.i(TAG, "onPause");

   protected void onStop() {
       Log.i(TAG, "onStop");

   protected void onRestart() {
       Log.i(TAG, "onRestart");

   protected void onDestroy() {
       Log.i(TAG, "onDestroy");

   protected void onSaveInstanceState(Bundle outState) {
       Log.i(TAG, "onSaveInstanceState");

   protected void onRestoreInstanceState(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
       Log.i(TAG, "onRestoreInstanceState");

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0 Utsav Rai · January 19, 2017
good :)
0 oye olalekan · January 19, 2017
0 faisal mehmood · January 19, 2017
bucky I am trying to create a virtual device on android studio but it says to install haxm I did it and also activated the crap from BIOS but still it saying the blaw blaw to install haxm
plx get me rid off this situation:angel:
0 Osama Bin Zafar · December 22, 2016
hi there!!
              Can any one tell me where can i find all the source codes, 
i am following android tutorials by bucky , the 87 Video tutorial series ..
thanks in advance 
0 imam afry · November 18, 2016
0 Parimey Patil · November 13, 2016
Hi bucky, When I am trying to run this app on my emulator it is saying that "Unfortunately My Application has stopped" every time. What should  I do?  Pls tell me quickly.
0 Amit Dixit · November 1, 2016
Sir i have errors while performing these code.. please help..!!!/images/forum/upload/2016-11-01/3379f65e293422328e9b12a490b722c9.png
0 Mohammed Tarek · August 30, 2016
Respect :angel:
0 MD Yousuf Azad Sami · July 15, 2016
0 Ashwin Athrey · June 19, 2016
I get "Unfortunately myapp has stopped" when i try to run the app on the emulator. What do i do?

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