The HAXM installed and it still gives me an error..

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0 Amin Hasan · December 23, 2014
install  Genymotion and use it instead of HAXM. i had the same problem, and now i am using Genymotion Emulator and works fine and much faster.!/
+1 Abdelrahman Abounegm · December 24, 2014

It varies according to the BIOS, but it should be like one of these pics:

*URLs if the pics are not clear:
0 Steph Kin · December 24, 2014
oki sure well my laptop is a Toshiba as said before 

my bios pic 

vanius vanius have u tried the antivirus check above ? btw/images/forum/upload/2014-12-24/bb80a4e2275b850b771d262e051176db.jpg
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