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+1 Alaa Emad · December 18, 2014
Hello there,..

I have just decided to start programming android stuffs 

but I'd like to ask you guys what courses should I get to be advanced programmer in android ?


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0 Alaa Emad · December 18, 2014
Thanks for your answer @Kayler Renslow 
Of course I know that it wouldn't be that easy or watching some tutorials would be enough
but I mean as I know that you need first to have basic of java before start Android coding 
but which Java course should I get ?  you know there is Dozen of Java courses over the net 
0 Sašo Plut · December 18, 2014
For Android i suggest you catch up on some Java. Its also a door to the programming world because it's fairly easy. But dont just watch tutorials or read a book.. the most you will learn by doing. make yourself a little project, analyze some other code, play with it. After all that you get the basics for any other language you want. most of the logic you can transfer around to other languages with little trick each of them have.
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