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+1 annette scotto · December 17, 2014
How do I make a Game of Life program?!?!

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0 c student · December 18, 2014
i'm not sure if he means this but the game of life program is a 0-player game, a sort of emulator which, with a few rules, will display the creation and destruction of life, i.e. the evolution of "species".  it's fascinating, check it out.
0 annette scotto · December 18, 2014
Yes, its a "game" that you make through coding and once compiled a bunch of stars (*) start appearing and disappearing.  It is pretty complicated. Was wondering if anyone knew how to make it.
0 c student · December 18, 2014
maybe the algorithm heading on the wikipedia page will prove useful.  you'll need to understand the methods of manipulating dynamic memory since it's an infinitely costly game where cells continue to be generated and also dead cells can be regenerated, making it ever-expanding and could possibly surpass your array borders.
0 Glenn Walker · December 18, 2014
Actually, I have (somewhere) the code for that from when I took a course in C++.  It is not that complex to do, except that even with just the 4 rules it is very, very, very easy to not get it write.  What do you want to know about it?
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