Nexus 5 emulator takes long to load

+3 nicholas paye · December 17, 2014
I created nexus 5 emu running 4.4 kit kat on AVD. I loaded and powered it up but it's taking long to load android operating system. Does my computer specs have anything to do with it?

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0 Edwin Francis D · December 25, 2014
For me too its being blank for a very long time...

How can we find whether the process in going on
Is their any error which stop emulator from running...
0 Deepankar Singh · December 25, 2014
Geny motion is good! (Y) 
+1 ByungHwa Ra · December 24, 2014!/
Or you can try out Genymotion. It's a pretty fast emulator.
0 Sašo Plut · December 18, 2014
From what I've seen you need about 1GB of RAM to run the AVD. I have a problem loading it if I have chrome running which takes 50% of my ram and the OS taking the 25%.. That's over 3 gigs meaning i only have one left.. the actual emulator takes over 800MB with the actual studio taking a few 100's
0 Steven the awesome · December 18, 2014
This is the link, if you want to learn it.
0 Steven the awesome · December 18, 2014
No it doesn't, I have a pretty fast computer/laptop, and for me it is also very slow. What I should recommend you is to use your own phone as emulator.
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