SDK is not starting.

+2 Aman Vaidya · December 17, 2014
I have installed Android studio and followed your steps from your tutorials but now sdk manager is not executing. it just show "starting sdk manager" after that nothing happens... sometime command prompt just flash on the screen and then after that nothing happens... 

please help me out for these.

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+1 Matt Bianco · December 23, 2014
Did you set  the JAVA_HOME environment var to point to the JAVA SE SDK you installed right?
0 Aman Vaidya · December 23, 2014
I had tried this but unfortunately its not working.
0 Steven the awesome · December 17, 2014
I found somehing on the internet maybe that will help you. :)
0 Neil Cannon · December 28, 2014
The paths to environmental variables have not been set correctly that why you get a cmd flash.
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