+4 Hebba Elanny · December 17, 2014
I love programming, i know all the basics of any programming language, I know variables, if statement, switch case statement, loops in their different forms, functions and how to use them, all the arithmetic and logic operations, i educated my self about C++ a little bit to understand the concept of object oriented programming, classes and pointers and how to use them. 
i did small programs like calculator, program that read string and do different things to it. 
know i want to do something (program) to see what i learned. i want to start doing small projects for now and gradually do a bigger ones. 
Each time i search the net for ideas or to choose which language to start deep in i get depressed and confused because simply i can't get an answer.
I keep getting the answer do what you like,i know i don't want to be a web developer, but i haven't decided yet what field to specials in and i am very open to every thing and i am with any idea.
Please if you can help me by telling me ideas about projects it would be great.
Many Thanks

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0 Kuroodo Ditory · December 21, 2014
For C++ you can use:

Visual Studio (Visual Studio is the name of the IDE. Visual Basic is a programming language by the way)

and others. But hos I listed I recommend trying.

For games there are many many engines and frameworks. But Unreal Engine 4 and Unity are some very popular ones.

Visual Studio is a very popular IDE. But I find it to be complicated/makes things complicated. So I use Code::Blocks for small projects, and Eclipse for large projects. But in game development, Unreal Engine 4 uses visual studio as an IDE for C++ so I use that from time to time.
+1 Brent Allard · December 19, 2014
consider app development with C++ in Qt (Bucky makes a tutorial for this!)
+1 Muamet Shasivari · December 18, 2014
Hebba ,I every beginner have same issue.
I would suggest you start Visual C#.
+1 c student · December 18, 2014
programming goes much deeper than variables, loops and functions.  i'd suggest you seek out more in-depth material to learn such as creating (optimised) algorithms, learning about data structures and then overall design implementations.  until then, you may have to keep your projects relatively small.  if you wish to expand your knowledge, learn about header files and their functions, learn the functions inside out such as arguments, return values and warnings and errors so that it will reinforce your understanding of the basics and the security of your programs (important!!).  you may also want to learn how to deal with memory management and play with dynamic memory, garbage collection and anything in the heap.  then you may want to look into programming which will affect items and objects outside of your program such as other programs, file input/output, even operate machinery (if you're into that stuff, check out Arduino)!!...  it's a big world out there and there's much to learn.  :D
+2 Hebba Elanny · December 18, 2014
First let me thank you all guys and especially " Kuroodo Ditory ".
I was looking for such an answer that clears the path for me a little bit. 
Since i know little bit about C++ i want to do programs with this language.
So the next step i am going to do is Tic Tac Toe game.
know i have two questions First: which IDE should i go for? Visual basic?
Second: Which IDE is used for the big video games?
Many Thanks 
+2 Kuroodo Ditory · December 17, 2014
Try making a Tic-Tac-Toe game!

Before doing so, plan it all out, then do it. Now if you get stuck and really don't know how to proceed with the game, then look up a tutorial.

If you were able to make a Tic-Tac-Toe game, then look up the source code/tutorials from other people and compare your code. See what you could have done different, what part of your code is better compared to theirs, and what part of their code is better than yours.

Then, you can start trying to see if you can add more features to your game (scoreboard, achievements, etc).

This is how I always do my Tic-Tac-Toes when testing out a programming language:

- Text-based/version Tic-Tac-Toe game.
- Will have player vs computer option, and player vs player option
- Have a Scoreboard
- Be able to replay without having to restart the program

Then eventually (like I did), you can go on and make bigger projects. For me since I love games, I decided to go and make a Battleship game. First it was text based, then I did a GUI version. Since I was a beginner, it took me about a month and a half to finish both versions.

Now for what programming language you want to really get into, you have to think about what you like to do. But sometimes it doesn't matter what language.

I've had the same problem too. I wasn't sure what to language to stick too since I started learning so many. But I thought of what I wanted to do. I wanted to make some Android apps/games, and start getting into some beginner game development. So I went and learn Java. Then I wanted to start getting into bigger kinds of games, so I continued learning C++. Now I focus on Java and C++ .

So let me gives you some examples of you can do.

You want to make Android apps? Learn Java (and maybe C# I think)

You want to make big video games? Learn C++ (you can also learn Java, Python, and others)

You want to add functionality to websites (in which you don't want to be) learn Javascript

You want to work with Windows OS? Learn the languages used to make windows.

But honestly if you want to do alot of things and different kinds of programs, you should learn more than one language. Since you already started with C++, I suggest you continue with C++ . Whenever you want to learn something else, try Java, Python, Visual Basic (for small windows applications), etc.

Look into what each language can do and what they're mainly used for.
+2 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · December 17, 2014
hello Hebba, there are many cool examples you can try. you can try starting with a small project such as a hostel management system,bus management app,candy dispenser,projects like this allow you to put into practice the concepts you have learnt so far and will expand your mind further.

From there i believe you can start bigger things.
+1 JingPing Xiao · December 17, 2014
Maybe you can read a book about windows Programming fifth edition
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