Cannot run App - Android Studio

+1 Robert Summers · December 16, 2014
Hello i cannot run my app, please help. Thanks in return


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0 Steven the awesome · December 21, 2014
Yes correct.
0 Neeraj Singh · July 23, 2015
It is App sign issue please uninstall old app from device after that reinstall issue will be resolved.
0 Chandan A V · July 25, 2015
Run your apps on bluestacks 
0 Sheraz Ahmed · July 26, 2015
i have tried what your post said , same error as before:

could not get GetExtensionsStringARB
getGLES1ExtensionString: Could not find GLES 1.x config!
Failed to obtain GLES 1.x extensions string!
Could not initialize emulated framebuffer

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