Help me about ADV

0 Nguyen Nguyen · December 16, 2014
hello Bucky, i start ADV in 30' and it don't work, it's ok?

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0 Archit Kapoor · September 21, 2015
Hi, make sure following things are done:

1) Uninstall anti-virus(usually Avast has troubled me and lot of others)
2) Virtualization is enabled from BIOS.
3) Android Support Repository. (Check from SDK Manager)
4) Intel HAXM x86 Emulator (Check from SDK Manager)
5) Adjust the RAM size of your AVD between the minimum and maximum RAM size of the emulator. If the HAXM is provided max RAM of 1024 MB RAM then your AVD having RAM more than 1024MB won't run.
6) Ample space on your hard disk.

7) Have patience when running it for the first time.
0 Nguyen Nguyen · December 16, 2014
sorry, i mean AVD in Android Srudio :(
0 Troy Jones · December 16, 2014
Did you set up an emulator?
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