What is the advantage and disadvantage of video tutorial, book and documentation

0 Tsin Fung Johnny Lam · December 16, 2014
I find it so hard for me to read through a book about programming.
I need the tutorial in video to have an introduction about that languages.
But my friend prefers to read the documents directly and said it much faster than watching a video.
Documentation puzzles me all the time and I will get confused eventually. But I also know documentation should contain the latest information.

Can you guys tell me how do you learn programming or keep your knowledge up-to-date?

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0 c student · December 16, 2014
the problem with videos is that anyone can make them meaning that they do not require any sort of qualification to publish their content, credibility might be shifty.  this leads to potential issues with the reliability and accuracy of the information which could teach people improperly and incorrectly and/or miss out on crucial or important information simply because they did not learn it themselves.
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