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+1 Adeel Amir · December 13, 2014
Hey everyone,

I have a project to make which is creating a simple webshop. I have good knowledge of HTML and CSS however i am struggling
with Javascript.

I am supposed to create a My Basket page which will contain all the products as soon as the user clicks on the "Add to basket button". Should i create a form or a table not so sure how to begin. My homepage is already created with all the products displayed. Need some help with the "MyBasket" page ...

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+1 Samuel Oloruntoba · December 19, 2014
A hidden form field that holds the id of the product to be added to the database. As soon as a user clicks on the add to basket button, an ajax request is sent to the back-end server to process the request to add the product to the basket.
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A scripting language that is added to standard HTML to create interactive effects, apps, games for the browser.