my own domain name. is it possible?????

+2 Pramod Kumar · December 13, 2014
Friends, I want to create my own website and I don't want to buy a domain name rather I want to make one. Is it really possible????

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0 Jonah Morrison · December 13, 2014
What do you mean? If you want a domain name you gotta buy it!
0 JingPing Xiao · December 14, 2014
I have one.I can lend you.the domain is
+1 c student · December 14, 2014
build your own server and host it yourself.
0 Pramod Kumar · December 14, 2014
Jonah Morrison, dude iam new to it. i don't know about it
0 Pramod Kumar · December 14, 2014
c student 
0 Jonah Morrison · December 14, 2014
You said you wanted to "make" a domain name. I replied with you cant "make" a domain name. You have to buy them.

0 Ron Butcher · December 15, 2014
You can use any available domain name for your site as long as it is available.  Use a site like GoDaddy to find and purchase the domain name you want.  Most domain names will cost you $10-20 per year.  If they are trying to charge you more than that pick another name, it is not worth spending thousands or hundreds on a domain name when there are a ton of other options out there.

To host your web site, you need to think a bit about that one.  You can use sites like GoDaddy to host the site for pretty cheap, or you can host it your self.  If you host it your self, you need to think about a few things.  The first is security.  Since the web server is at your home, every visitor you have will be hitting your home network.  If your server is not secure, or your router is not secure, you could be inviting unwanted traffic.  You should have a decent knowledge of Linux to build a secure server.  If you plan to have a lot of traffic on the site, I would not host it your self.  One of the servers I use to host a site I built was getting hit an average of 24,000 times a day once hackers discovered the domain name.  All of the hits were from overseas, we had to block all overseas IP's from our network in order to stop it.

I use GoDaddy as an example, but there are a million and one different sites you can use to purchase a domain name and host your site.  Do some Googling to see what deals you can find.
+1 James Grimshaw · December 16, 2014
Domain names cannot be made, they must be purchased. For example, you could go to GoDaddy, or any domain name company (just search on Google), and buy one - they will then give you the ability to change the nameservers so you can link it to your webserver.

Or you could get a free one ;),
0 Mustapha Ridwan · December 16, 2014
please,can you butress at dot tk
0 Not Shifty · December 21, 2014
You have to set up your own data centre to hold your website data, information, any content, and then open/port forward your ports or whatever and then open it to the internet, provide an IP address and port so people can access the server you have set up.  I'm not really sure how you make your own domain name, you'll have to look that up yourself, sorry.
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