Someone just Facetimed me

+3 Bucky Roberts · December 12, 2014
Just got a new iPad Air 2 (upgraded from the original iPad) and someone just Facetimed me. How did they get my ID or username or whatever? I don't remember setting anything up.

You think that I would know this, seeing that I did teach iPhone development haha.  

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+1 Doug Fresh · December 12, 2014
Did you sign in for iTunes or some other service? Maybe someone used an email address attached.
+2 Bucky Roberts · December 12, 2014
hmm I must have automatically when I was setting everything up.
+4 Vraj Patel · December 21, 2014
Contact information is synced to iPhones via any social media that is logged into the user's phone. Anyone who has you on Facebook, Twitter, etc can sync the contact information you displayed publicly to their phone. They might have gotten that email through their and initiated a Facetime call. This is a big possibility.     
0 Jay Deshaun · January 31, 2015
Yea, as your iCloud synchronizes every information saved in an iDevice.
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