"Coding" In Schools

0 Developer John · December 12, 2014
I myself am a Java programmer, which is what my picture clearly states(the symbol of Java). My school has been recently trying to teach us what programming is, but are too lazy to actually explain it in class, since we don't have a class for it.  What they do is introduce it to us by assigning us games or websites(code.org, codecombat.com). Please answer this to me, what exactly do you learn from this when you want to learn a specific language?

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+1 c student · December 13, 2014
i agree.  sometimes teachers can't really "teach" properly, failing to express ideas and whatnot, and sure, learning things by yourself might help build onto your understanding.  the problem is not how much information you can achieve to get out of something, but rather the lack of information which can be so easily missed.  if something's not mentioned, it'll most likely be completely disregarded and not be learnt at all which could cause problems if, say, one were to debug code.  i see plenty of people here not understanding what they're doing because they mindlessly code and don't appreciate what's happening under the hood.  don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to bash on self-learning, in fact, i've learnt many things by myself but with precaution.  it's a dangerous world out there.:ermm:
0 Developer John · December 13, 2014
C Student, it all depends on your informational sources. If you learn by yourself, yet using these forums as one of your sources, you can get way much more information out of this than your teacher.  
+1 c student · December 13, 2014
the thing is, if your school wants to teach multiple languages, you'll need more specialised people to teach, people who know what they're doing.  if that's not the case, it'll cost time and money for training and such whereas if there are already people who can teach the content, you don't have to spend much more money.  sure, you can go ahead and learn things for yourself but there's the risk you'll miss a lot of things, you won't learn about specific or important concepts such as abstraction or how things actually work inside a computer, you could also learn things improperly.  it's better to properly learn what you're offered rather than going off and learning by yourself and potentially not be as "complete" in terms of knowledge/understanding, especially if you're new to all of this.
+2 James Grimshaw · December 12, 2014
Yep I definitely agree with this.
0 Developer John · December 12, 2014
Exactly, we should be able to learn what we want to learn.
+1 Savad Dekrup · December 12, 2014
Syntax, Data type and etc.. BUT HEY! If I were you, I would sneak out and learn what I want. I am a high school student, I don't like Java, so I sneak out to learn C++ while learning Java. It is actually fun to learn multiple languages. 
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