SDK Manager button in Android Studio does NOTHING

0 Omri Margalit - Grigg · December 12, 2014
So I opened the Android Studio as an administrator as the tutorial said, went to "Configure".
Then when I press the "SDK Manager" button it does nothing.


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+1 Doug Fresh · December 13, 2014
try opening the SDK manager separately. If you get an error, let us know what it is. 
0 Omri Margalit - Grigg · December 13, 2014
Wait, do I need to install a SDK Manager separately besides the Android Studio?
0 Bucky Roberts · December 13, 2014
Nope, it's included. 
0 Doug Fresh · December 13, 2014
I could be wrong, but the SDK manager should be accessible outside of Android Studio. By attempting to run the SDK manager, it can give some clues as to what is wrong.
0 Omri Margalit - Grigg · December 14, 2014
How do I run the SDK Manager?
+1 Troy Jones · December 14, 2014
Mine does the same thing.  I had to access my SDK Manager in Eclipse.
0 Doug Fresh · December 15, 2014
you need to locate it on your harddrive, if you haven't changed the file path for it, it will be in C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk , if you cannot find it, try reinstalling android studio and during the installation process you will see where it was installed.
0 Omri Margalit - Grigg · December 15, 2014
I located it, and when I open the .exe there, it still does nothing...
Well, here is shows a cmd window for like half a sec and closes right away...
+1 Doug Fresh · December 16, 2014
Well, the issue is with the environmental variable to java, make sure you follow the instructions in Bucky's first video. You may have 2 versions of java installed, so you may need to create a PATH variable to the correct one.
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