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+2 Shayn Hacker · December 12, 2014
I am trying to run the code i saw and wrote from this video in notepad++ but when i click on run it doesn't allow me to select chrome,internet explorer or any other browser. a box just appears which never happened before and gives the option either to  run,save or cancel and has this small selection part with three lines and when you click on that it brings a new window asking you to select a file.Can somebody help me out please?

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+2 James Grimshaw · December 16, 2014
Just use Sublime Text :D
0 greg shubert · December 20, 2014
Sublime text

James Grimshaw ,Ho w do you  "run" with Sublime Text??:
0 Ron Butcher · December 15, 2014
If you have those browsers installed and it still doesn't work, check out this forum post for the fix:
0 Spy Code · December 16, 2014
Install the chrome and restart your PC, then save your codes first and run it .
You will get out put absolutely.
0 Alok Pradhan · December 16, 2014
Did u save it in a .html format first?? 
0 Homer Simpson · December 12, 2014
Do you have those browsers installed on your computer? Are you saving your file urfilenamehere.html?
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