Which language is best for web developement?

+1 Jesse Cox · December 11, 2014
PHP, Ruby, Python

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0 Jay Deshaun · December 23, 2014
PHP is my favourite, but I think all 3 should be fine.
0 Jesse Cox · December 11, 2014
Sam Kuzio, now if I could only find some sort of interplay or backdoor between the two. The plain text is what I'm after but Python's simplicity and modular nature rocks.

C Student, I'm not using SQL. I've always found it a little mentally incompetent (not trying to offend anyone) to store data using a completely different programming language than you're using to program with. When I discovered Mongo, I fell in love. I will however still be sanitizing my data as a precautionary measure.

Bryan Leung, my site is completely new. I've built it from the ground up in PHP but PHP doesn't support Mongo very well so I've switched to Python.
0 Bryan Leung · December 11, 2014
Most Websites are built on PHP so if you are looking for examples there would be more in PHP in general.
0 c student · December 11, 2014
i didn't mean for it to be intimidating, but if you were to code a significant amount of php, just notice that it isn't the most securest of codes.  as far as i'm concerned, you'll need to manually place in flags to detect and rid any sources of vulnerabilities such as any forms of script injection to attack either your database(s) or other users (sql injections, cross-site scripting, csrf).  always, ALWAYS sanitize your inputs or you'll have a very bad day.

obviously, php isn't the only vulnerable one out there, but just take note it's one of the more exploitable ones if you don't know what you're doing.

you should explore, be adventurous, why not learn them all and then decide the path with which you feel most comfortable.  don't be afraid at this point, you haven't even started yet! 8-)
0 Jesse Cox · December 11, 2014
I'm wanting the text injection of PHP <?php?> but the functionality of Python.
0 c student · December 11, 2014
each language has their own advantages like all other languages, however i'm not a web developer so i would not know the details.  if you do happen to use php, please be incredibly aware of any security-related issues.
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